Aloe swynnertonii

Aloe swynnertonii Aloe swynnertonii
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Aloe swynnertonii is a succulent, evergreen, perennial plant forming a single, compact rosette of spreading leaves that can be 35 - 75cm long. With age, the plant often slowly suckers to produce a small clump of rosettes. The plant is used as a fish poison. The sap of Aloe species contains anthraquinones. These compounds have several beneficial medicinal actions, particularly as a laxative, and many species of Aloe are thus employed in traditional medicine. Whilst safe in small doses and for short periods of time, anthraquinones do have potential problems if used in excess. These include congestion and irritation of the pelvic organs. Plants can tolerate at least light frosts. Succeeds in full sun and in light shade. Established plants are drought tolerant.

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