"Identification of indigenous cycads of South Africa" (Cornia Hugo) - letztes Exemplar!!

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The purpose of Cornia Hugo's publication is to serve as a practical, easy-to-use guide for the identification of indigenous cycad species (Encephalartos species). It is not intended as a scientific taxonomic publication on the indigenous cycad species. E. brevifoliolatus is not covered in this guide. Although the distribution of E. umbeluziensis is in Swaziland, it is mentioned in the key because it does occur in gardens and may be confused with E. villosus. As a Nature Conservation official with 23 years of experience dealing with cycad permit inspections and investigations, Cornia Hugo realized that without a practical, easy-to-use identification guide, plants are incorrectly identified even by experienced officials. The need was then identified for the development of a practical identification key for Nature Conservation officials. This key can also be used by the general public to identify cycad species in their gardens. The photographs included greatly assist in the often difficult task of identifying species. 142 pages, soft bound