About me

THRINAX, the speciality nursery for palms and cycads, did originate from a hobby.

During my studies in Jena, a town in then East Germany, I started getting involved with these ‘Megastars’ of the plant kingdom. This, however, was rather difficult because of the multiple restrictions prevailing under the communist regime until it all changed and the two Germanys united. The former East now embraced the Free Market Economy which the West had implemented so successfully. In an open and unrestricted market my collection grew, later aided by the considerable practicabilities the Internet offered.


Gewächshaus in Birkenwerder

However, new problems presented themselves. For instance, I often achieved up to 100% germination success with seeds and with this, the question arose what to do with this fertility explosion? The idea to advertise in a trade magazine got it all going.
In 1995, as my first customers will recall, the first ‘catalogue’ was produced consisting of 2 pages, offering just some 10 species. Subsequently, an enlarged annual catalogue was launched which offered an ever expanding array of plants.
In 1997, the 'THRINAX - NURSERY' was established and shortly thereafter, THRINAX made its way into the Internet as www.palms.de and thus became worldwide accessible.
Late summer in 2003, THRINAX moved to Panketal (near Berlin) where I could, at long last, establish greenhouses at Triftweg 19a, 16547 Birkenwerder, thus expanding the nursery considerably. A Tropical House was built, as was a Cold House even twice the size of the former; all in all there are presently about 100 square meters of greenhouse facilities available.



For me, THRINAX is a passion and albeit being a part-time job, it is established world wide. Satisfied customers in 93 countries can testify to this.
My main focus is on tropical palm- and cycad species, however, many cold resistant plants are on offer too. Because I am of the opinion that raising palms from the earliest stage in their life cycle is most interesting, you will find many smaller seedlings in the nursery.
Another important focus is the distribution of palm seeds and seedlings. Have you ever experienced that often nurseries only offer minimum quantities of say 100 units or so, which does create frustration among customers? At THRINAX, you can order from as little as 5 seeds but of course, we can supply any amounts needed - you, the customer is king at our nursery!
If feasible, many plants are grown between spring to autumn in the open, thus ensuring a more strong and sturdy condition compared to those grown classically inside. Presently we have about 200 species of palms, cycads and other ‘exotics’ in different sizes available and, as in the case of seeds, THRINAX has during certain times in excess of 100 different palm- and cycad seeds available, making it one of the most extensive selections of it’s kind in this field!
It follows, that I am always on the look-out to extend and enlarge the range of plants and seeds I can offer. At times, there are only few plants or seeds of a certain kind available, but I strife to make those available through THRINAX to enable you to extend your collection.
Expeditions in the past led me to Madagascar where I discovered two new Dypsis species, as well as to Bali, Lombok, Mauritius and La Reunion. Another expedition is planned to Costa Rica.
The Press, (Märkische Allgemeine, Freie Presse Chemnitz, etc.) as well as Television (ZDF, MDR and RBB) have written and published various reports about THRINAX and me.
After 19 years and now in 2015, the old, admittedly somewhat nostalgic Website came to it’s limits during April. I has since been replaced by a completely new Webshop with all the technical comforts available as well as many innovations have been implemented. Also, new and updated Government regulations have been taken into account.
Call it an ‘Up-to-date-restart’ into the digital world. Enjoy, and have fun with it!
Jörg Schumann