Company´s Philosophy

Nature and her biodiversity is and will always remain my prime concern.

My company’s philosophy has always been based on in-depth knowledge of plants, horticultural expertise and high quality standards. As a result you, my client, will benefit from the know-how which I have to offer.
Personal contact with my customers is very important to me and it follows, that customer satisfaction is my highest priority. Here at THRINAX, you never talk to ordinary office folks but to real humans who, most likely, have personally been involved in actually raising the plants from seeds.
In cultivating my plants, I always pay careful attention to the soil and only environmentally friendly plant protection methods are employed. In line with this, Australian Ladybugs, predatory mites, Lacewings and their larvae, among others, can be found in large numbers in my greenhouse.
My customers can relay on over 30 years of experience in growing and cultivating of plants, as well as 19 + years in the field of global trading and distribution of exotic plants.
I don’t ‘mass-produce’, but always strive to meet your individual requirements.
My suppliers of seed, plants and accessoirs are carefully selected and have been my reliable partners for many years.
Albeit THRINAX is a true global company; it focuses on Europe and particularly on Germany. Nonetheless, we have presently satisfied customers in 93 countries around the world.
Should you ever, dear valued customer, not be 100% satisfied for one reason or another, please contact me. I have always found a mutually agreeable solution for any of these rare eventualities.
With your purchase at THRINAX you support my philosophy to preserve the biodiversity of our planet, to restore and sustain nature and to prevent the introduction of alien pests and diseases.


Joerg Schumann