seed germination

Propagation by seed:

The nuts and bolts of a successful cultivation of palm or cycad seeds is the freshness of the seed.

Is best if you soak the seeds about 1 -3 days in warm water, if they appear dry.

Palm trees are so-called "Dark germinator", that is, the best results you will record when the seed is kept dark. In contrast, seeds of cycads and tree ferns from spores called "Lichtkeimer", ie those seeds need to be light placed on the substrate

Equally important is a high temperature in the tropical species (sometimes to 30 ° C), but most germinate already even at room temperatures of 20-25 ° C.

It is equally important that the seed substrate never dries. As a seed substrate I usually take vermiculite or perlite (in good hardware stores as building insulation available), sphagnum moss or potting soil or coconut fiber substrate.

The substrate should be moist but never wet!

Precisely vermiculite or perlite has an amazing heat and moisture durability!

Once the first overground train is visible, we should increase the supply of light; but remember, the seedlings are exposed to in their natural habitat in the rarest cases direct sun!

After bud break (do not damage the roots!) Plant the seedlings carefully into lean, deep pots.

Here is a helpful link I wrote several yeras ago in "Chamaerops", the journal of the European Palm Society:

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