Palm and Cycad Nursery since 1997

A warm welcome to Thrinax!

I hope that in 2023 there will also be some interesting palm species for you! I germinated many new seeds myself, so you will also find many seedlings. Watching the little ones grow is certainly one of the most rewarding experiences of any palm lover!

As in the previous year, it is again associated with immense effort to buy interesting plants, since many nurseries no longer exist and worldwide shipping is associated with many restrictions, sometimes there are transport routes that take weeks or import/export is no longer possible. .. and if it is possible, then the price shock will come - well, you know it yourself!

Nevertheless, I have managed to add many new palm trees to my assortment and I hope that you are satisfied.

Many thanks for your loyalty!

And now welcome to the shop! Experience therein innovations and possibilities - and all this with maximum security and privacy.

I wish you lots of fun - and do not hesitate to ask me your questions! I will answer them as soon as possible. !

Jörg Schumann