Palm and Cycad Nursery since 1997

Dear THRINAX customers!

Yes, me and the Palm-Shop still exist!

An increasing technical problem had caused massive restrictions for several weeks, so that unfortunately I could not be online. Let me tell you a big SORRY about that!

Thanks to the help of a technical genius, I can be there again from today for anyone interested.

The range and selection will expand significantly in the coming weeks. Since I was briefly unable to assess how and when it will continue, I ask for your understanding.

I would also like to give you the assurance that your customer data was never unsecured. Data protection plays a major role at THRINAX.

I am delighted to be able to invite all plant lovers again:

A warm welcome to Thrinax!
And welcome to the shop! Experience therein innovations and possibilities - and all this with maximum security and privacy.

I wish you lots of fun - and do not hesitate to ask me your questions! I will answer them as soon as possible. !

Jörg Schumann